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House Evaluation Checklist

Do you need an in-depth house evaluation checklist?

You’ve whittled down your choices to a few workable possibilities after weeks or even months of house shopping. You should already have a general concept of what you’re searching for, but you still want to be sure that you’re choosing wisely. You could be asking yourself the following questions:

-How can I efficiently do my initial property inspection?
-Should I consult a professional for advice?
-How can I locate a trustworthy building inspector?

It’s crucial to carry out certain inspections before to purchasing a property, regardless of whether you are on the fence about which one to buy or you’ve already made up your mind. This is where we come in here at Delorenzo Property Group. We are the leading house valuation team and have a track record of excellence and success with all our valuations. Our team always goes above and beyond to ensure that you get the best report on the market. Our residential valuers are supported by a national network and a comprehensive valuation management technology system, allowing harnessing an in-depth analysis for any property, including external sales and leasing information. This is what sets us apart from competition and renders us the best in the business.

Often when walking through a home for the first time it’s easy to be dazzled by the white walls, clean spaces and neatly placed furniture as well as its location and size. This is why it is important to engage with a professional Building Inspector and or leading valuators like Delorenzo Property Group to perform a professional property inspection and complete a house evaluation checklist before you put your hand up at auction and have the winning bid. If you are in the market and need a touch of confidence when buying – we are your leading option here at Delorenzo Property Group. Contact us today and speak with a friendly member of staff!

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