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At Delorenzo Property Group, understanding the property market in Australia is one of our core competencies, we take pride in presenting the most affordable, time-efficient, and accurate real estate advice. We are an independent property group and complete our duties with proper care. We are committed to providing accurate results with the right property solutions. Our Property Valuation Firm Mildura has a leading reputation and we work tirelessly to ensure that our services are state of the art and most importantly, accurate!

Our specialisations
Delorenzo Property Group is 100% locally owned and operated. We are highly experienced in the commercial, agricultural, and residential spheres.

Customer loyalty
We make sure to provide a high-quality personal experience regarding property valuation or any such issues to the customer and cater to their requirements. Here a customer is not treated as any other number, but rather as a valued client.

Providing clarity
We make sure to give a clear and better understanding of property valuation. Delorenzo Property Group takes into consideration all aspects of cost and reduces time and effort in the valuation process.

At Delorenzo Property Group, our expert advisors can empower you to form key decisions about your property assets confidently. Working with Delorenzo Property Group gives you access to an excellent range of experienced and knowledgeable professionals with valuation expertise across Australia. We are well-equipped to enhance your knowledge and expertise in all your property-related decision. We work with ethical and qualified valuers who provide an accurate market valuation of your property. At Delorenzo Property Group, we take pride in being an eco-friendly and paperless organisation, just an additional positive point that we offer! Contact us directly today and embark on your valuation journey with us, the best team in the industry.

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