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Delorenzo Property Group is a real estate company based in Australia. We specialise in property development, investment, and management, with a focus on commercial, industrial, and retail properties. The company offers a range of services, including property acquisition, leasing, sales, asset management, and property valuation.

Retail property valuations refer to the process of determining the market value of a retail property.
Valuations are typically conducted by qualified professionals, such as appraisers or valuers, who assess various factors to arrive at an estimate of a property’s worth. These factors may include location, size, condition, rental income, market demand, and comparable property sales in the area. Our team here at Delorenzo are highly knowledgeable and love to assist closely with all our clients to ensure they receive the best for their money.
Major banks and other financial institutions all throughout Australia rely on Delorenzo Property Group as a reliable valuer. For all forms of commercial property, our team of fully qualified valuers provides the highest degree of economic property valuation supported by in-depth market and property analysis.

Our national retail property valuation experts have deep knowledge in their local property markets and can assist with providing services associated with appraisal, analysis, and commercial rental valuation. Our Valuations team has extensive experience across that national retail market, providing a substantial database of industry benchmarks that is critical to analysing the performance of an asset and supporting adopted valuation parameters. We always go above and beyond and offer the finest and most accurate retail valuation service in Melbourne.

When you hear the phrase “retail property valuation Melbourne” your mind should pinpoint to the highly experienced team of valuators here at Delorenzo Property Group. We are dedicated to our craft and have delivered wonderful results for our clients. Contact us today for more information.

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