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Looking for Rural Land in Victoria? Have you obtained quotes that simply do not make sense? Fret no longer as you are in the right place at the right time! Our team at Delorenzo Property Group has extensive knowledge and a wealth of experience when it comes down to valuing rural properties with accuracy and precision.


Rural properties are those properties outside of metropolitan Melbourne that comprises homes and business on land over 1 hectare in size. The properties we value include lifestyle properties, hobby farms and certain types of income producing land with associated improvements. Getting a report from a company with valuation experience in the area is key to making sure you get an unbiased and accurate appraisal. You’ll need someone with knowledge of current market conditions, as well as specific issues relating to rural property prices in the local area. We are your leading choice when it comes to a rural property valuer Victoria.

Mission Statement

“To inspire growth in rural Australia through innovation, collaboration and environmentally friendly practice. Efficiently and effectively provide residential, rural and commercial real estate advice with the highest quality of service and customer care in the real estate industry.”

Delorenzo Property Group is well-positioned to provide localised valuation services for all types of rural and agricultural property thanks to the strengths of our area presence and knowledge. We work hard to give each of our clients a thorough grasp of each property so they may make decisions with confidence. We always make sure to go above and above for all of our clients because this is what sets us apart from the competition. For more details on our services for rural property valuation, get in touch with us right away.

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