Regarding commercial properties, accurate valuation is crucial for making informed decisions regarding investments, transactions, and financial planning. At Delorenzo Property Group, we offer comprehensive commercial valuation services to provide you with a clear understanding of the market value of your commercial property. Our team of experienced valuers specialises in commercial real estate and utilizes advanced methodologies to deliver accurate and reliable valuations. Whether you need a valuation for office buildings, retail spaces, industrial properties, or any other commercial property type, we are committed to providing you with the professional expertise and personalized service you deserve. Trust us for precise commercial valuations that support your strategic business decisions.

Our commercial property specialists provide commercial property valuations for a variety of commercial property types across all of Australia, in both urban and rural areas.

Major banks and other financial institutions all over Australia rely on Delorenzo Property Group as trustworthy valuers. For a variety of commercial property, our team of fully accredited valuers provides the highest standard of economic property valuation supported by in-depth market and property analysis through use of various methods including income and sales approach, DCF, and direct comparison.

Delorenzo Property Group - Property Valuation and Advisory firm
Delorenzo Property Group - Property Valuation and Advisory firm

Delorenzo Property Group has a national team and provides a range of economic property services. Our expertise includes:

Retail Property

Our national retail property valuation experts have deep knowledge in their local property markets and can assist with providing services associated with appraisal, analysis, and commercial rental valuation.

Office and CBD Property

Delorenzo Property Group can assist customers with commercial valuation services for the office property type. Supported by our comprehensive information technology systems, our experienced commercial property valuers offer the latest advice in property analysis.

Industrial Property

A leader within the commercial property valuation market, Delorenzo Property Group offers extensive experience in providing industrial property valuations understanding the risks and specific considerations of this dynamic market help us to value industrial properties.

Hotels and Leisure

Delorenzo Property Group have extensive knowledge within the hotel and leisure industry. Our team of experts can provide the best property valuation services for your next venture.


Childcare is a growing industry that is becoming more complex as each year passes. Let our commercial property professionals provide you with advice, valuations, and risk management strategies for the Childcare sector.


Our industry experts provide commercial valuations to help our clients within the management of their medical and personal hospital property assets. Our expertise will help you will help give you peace of mind in the healthcare industry.


Delorenzo Property Group offers commercial property valuation services to customers working within the self-storage asset class, bringing expert, local knowledge, and best-in-class analysis to help with property management.

Delorenzo Property Group - Property Valuation and Advisory firm
Delorenzo Property Group - Property Valuation and Advisory firm

Why choose us 

At Delorenzo Property Group, we understand the unique complexities of commercial property valuation. With a dedicated team of experienced valuers specializing in commercial real estate, we employ a variety of valuation methods tailored to the specific needs of each property. Our expertise in income approaches, sales comparison, cost approach, capitalization of earnings, and discounted cash flow analysis ensures accurate and comprehensive valuations. We are committed to delivering precise and reliable commercial valuations that assist you in making informed investment decisions, securing financing, negotiating transactions, or strategizing your commercial property portfolio. Choose us for our professional service, industry knowledge, and personalized approach to commercial property valuation.

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