Accurately assessing the value of development sites is crucial for making informed decisions in the dynamic market. At Delorenzo Property Group, we specialise in providing comprehensive valuation services specifically tailored to Residential, Commercial & Agribusiness development sites. Our experienced team of valuers understands the unique factors that impact the value of development sites, including zoning regulations, market demand, and development potential. With in-depth knowledge of local real estate markets and a focus on future growth prospects, we deliver accurate and insightful valuations that assist developers, investors, and stakeholders in making informed decisions. Trust us to provide you with the expertise and guidance necessary to unlock the true value of your development site. Our analysis includes:
  • Feasibility Analysis
    • A feasibility analysis looks at a potential properties project’s viability. It considers variables like market conditions, financial forecasts, legal requirements, and potential risks. Before making investment decisions, the project’s operational and financial viability must be ascertained.
  • Hypothetical Development Analysis
    • A property’s value is valued based on its potential for development or redevelopment using a hypothetical development analysis. It entails calculating the property’s worth under various speculative circumstances, such as rezoning, building new structures, or changing the land’s use. This analysis aids in evaluating a development project’s viability and potential value. 
Delorenzo Property Group - Property Valuation and Advisory firm
Delorenzo Property Group - Property Valuation and Advisory firm
  • As-Is Value:
    • The “As-Is value” describes the current market value of a property in its current state. It considers elements like place, scale, amenities, condition, and most recent comparable sales. In transactions where no alterations or enhancements are anticipated, the as-is value is helpful in estimating the fair market value.
  • Project-Specific Value:
    • Project-specific value is concerned with the value of a property in relation to a particular project or intended use. It considers elements like project requirements, market demand, monetary projections, and potential revenue generation. Project-specific value aids in determining a development’s or use case’s potential financial viability and return on investment.
  • Development Site Specialisation: Our valuation service is trained in development sites, such as vacant land or buildings with the potential for redevelopment. We are aware of the elements, such as zoning laws, land use restrictions, development potential, and market demand, that have an impact on the value of development sites.
  • Valuation of Development Potential: We evaluate the site’s development potential by considering elements like zoning laws, building restrictions, planning approvals, and market demand for types of developments. Based on the site’s potential for future development, this assessment helps determine the site’s value
  • Analysis: Our valuation service includes a feasibility analysis, Project-Specific Value, As-Is Value, & a Hypothetical Development Analysis which examines the financial viability and profitability of potential development projects on the site. This analysis provides insights into the site’s value from a developer’s perspective.
  • Customised Solutions: We are aware that every construction site is different and offers different opportunities for development. Our valuation service is customised to meet your unique needs while considering the viability of your project, your development goals, and your investment objectives.

At Delorenzo Property Group we provide thorough valuating services for development sites. Our experienced team of valuers has in-depth knowledge of local real estate markets and development trends, ensuring accurate and insightful valuations. We assess the site’s current worth as well as its potential for future development, assisting you in making wise choices. By considering the financial viability of potential development projects, our feasibility analysis adds an extra level of expertise. Selecting us will help you to maximize the value of your development site and to support your strategic development initiatives. We offer specialized solutions and knowledgeable advice.

Delorenzo Property Group - Property Valuation and Advisory firm

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