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Jie is an Property Valuer at Delorenzo Property Group and provides a range of support in preparing valuations, market and property research and translator for Cantonese and Mandarin.

Jie has consistently been a high performer in his Master of Property, in the University of Melbourne. He also achieved double degrees in Bachelor of Management (Land Resources Management) and Bachelor of Finance.

If you would like to know more about how Jie can assist you, please feel free to contract him directly. As part of our professional development, Delorenzo Property Group encourage all staff, from assistants to Directors to interact with clients, we look forward to hearing from you.

Jie 是Delorenzo 房地产集团的一名助理评估师, 在估价、市场和房地产研究方面提供 支持, 并提供粤语和普通话咨询。

Jie 在他的墨尔本大学,房地产硕士学业上一直表现出色。 他还获得了管理学学士(土地资源管理)和金融学学士的双学位。
如果您想知道更多关于Jie能如何帮助您的信息, 请直接与他联系。 作为我们专业发 展的一部分, 我们集团鼓励所有员工(从助理到主管)与客户进行有效的沟通,我们

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