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When you are thinking of Valuing a Commercial Property, what do you think of? Your answer should be to speak with the industry leading team here at Delorenzo Property Group.

Delorenzo Property Group provides property valuation and consultancy services across Australia. Born out of a desire to provide the highest level of service in the industry, Delorenzo Property Group is committed to service excellence and complete due diligence. With deep property expertise we are able to deliver on property matters at either end of the complexity spectrum.Delorenzo Property Group provides property valuations across all commercial sectors of the market including Office, Industrial, Retail and Development markets. Assets valued range from institutional grade assets in excess of $100 million to sub $5 million suburban commercial properties. Commercial valuations are prepared for several courts and tribunals as well as for major institutions and private clients.

Delorenzo Property Group is the newest formed property advisory and valuation firm with our head office based in Mildura. DPG has scope for national coverage for all asset types. Delorenzo Property Group is the premier valuation firm in Victoria, Australia. Our office is staffed with highly trained professionals with years of experience in the industry. Delorenzo Property Group is a specialised property valuation firm focused on meticulous analysis and client satisfaction.

Complementing the above methods of valuation, Delorenzo Property Group has expertise in quantitative data analysis, with additional statistical models able to be applied to provide support to primary valuation methods. Delorenzo Property Group takes pride in providing highly accurate, forensically researched and analysed valuation reports, ensuring stakeholders receive the most accurate advice possible. So if you are seeking about valuing a commercial property, you should liaise with our team here at DPG and really get an accurate report so you have the confidence! Call us, today!

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